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Allied Machine & Engineering, a leading manufacturer of holemaking and finishing tooling systems, has announced a brand-new product catalogue, which incorporates Allied’s comprehensive range of holemaking products into one feature-packed book.

With stunning new images and a design that pays careful attention to helping customers select the right tools, the new catalogue showcases all the drilling, boring, reaming, burnishing and threading tools in one location. A wealth of technical details about product sizes, setup tips and application guidelines make this a valuable all-around resource.

The new catalogue is extremely easy to navigate, ultimately saving customers time and money. Sections are organised in the order in which manufacturing processes would typically be performed. Drilling tools are highlighted first, followed by boring and reaming, burnishing, then thread milling options. The final product section details Allied’s vast special tooling capabilities. This includes detailed industry-specific case studies of customers who have benefited from special tooling developed by Allied. These case studies include quantifiable data that demonstrates how each tool reduced scrap and/or increased tool life compared to the competition.

To further assist with tool selection, products in each section are arranged in ascending order by diameter. Section indicators next to page numbers help customers distinguish which section they are viewing. A comprehensive index helps customers quickly find items by product number. The catalogue also includes a product selection guide to help customers quickly decide which tool to use per their specific application.

Product imagery has been completely revamped, with new high-resolution images of each product within a product line. New product renderings and line drawings show extremely clear and accurate product detail.

A wealth of technical information on each product has also been added, including features, advantages and assembly instructions. This section includes helpful explanations of each tool’s performance, application recommendations, setup, adjustment instructions and tips, available options and suggestions for which styles should be used in certain situations. Tool recommendation guides provide overviews of each product line, including material recommendations so that users can quickly and easily find the best solution for their applications.

While the new catalogue includes information on the vast majority of Allied’s offerings, a few standalone catalogues remain, including the Wohlhaupter boring system solutions and Eco-Cut lathe tools.

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